Within That Without That v2

from Within That, Without That by Man From Playground



This special edition features the acapella from the original, most famous/influential 1960's album, re-mixed back into MFP's version!!!

(Get it while you can)

A complete re-imaging of MC Yogi's "I AM THAT" from the "Pilgrimage" album. MFP was granted the track stems for a remix and then decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest pop musician/song writers of the 20th Century. Due to inherent licensing hurdles, MFP is releasing this track independently, bootleg style, and for FREE.

v2.0: Per the pitch-perfect ears of esteemed musical colleagues, & countering MFP's slight (albeit artistic) case of amusia, Mr. Harrison's vocal track has been re-pitched note-by-note to better match the key of the MFP remix.


from Within That, Without That, track released August 2, 2013
Man From Playground